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Every new person you add to your team can move it forward dramatically, slow it down, or take it a step back. We assist in sourcing not only the most qualified but the candidate that would be the best fit for your team. We conduct Targeted Selection Competency Based Interviews with each candidate. This interviewing method is used to evaluate candidates competencies based on their past behavior. The target selection process is favorable by many employers who opt for the concept that past behavior predicts future performance.


Organisations need to ensure a welcoming atmosphere and provide the new employee with the tools necessary to reduce anxiety, be inspired, committed and understand the organisation’s expectations. Induction packs & Induction training are solutions to ensuring your new employee is off to a good start.


Effective communication is essential to business success. “You can tie back almost every employee issue – attendance, morale, performance and productivity – to communication,” says Fred Holloway, HR Adviser in Medford, Oregon. Making use of different platforms ensures that all communication channels are optimised.


In order for any organisation to succeed, strategy formation, implementation, measurement & feedback needs to be in place to ensure objectives are achieved. Continuous communications regarding the successes & failures of these strategies will foster a deeper commitment towards the organisation which will bring passion & purpose together to create a high-performing workforce.


Communicating health education to employees can help effectively manage and prevent or improve the likelihood of illness and disease. Monthly campaigns can consist of posters, emailers, newsletters or health packs to ensure that you not only create awareness but educate & empower your employees to make informed decisions when it comes to their health & wellness.


Employee events can be incredibly powerful, stimulating inspiration, motivation and action. They can make internal communication fun, personal and relevant, creating a sense of involvement. They’re a fantastic opportunity to meet other colleagues, receive information, resources and ideas, explore new possibilities and be inspired by the energy of the group.

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