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Whether you make use of the intranet, newsletters, emailers, notice boards or regular get-togethers to communicate & engage with your employees, internal communications are essential to business success.


Whether your organisation is big or small, the intranet is the most versatile platform to engage with your employees. This is your central information system.  It can host a large amount of information that is readily available whenever your employees need to access it. We build a website that will be hosted on your internal server allowing access only to your employees and eliminating any security threats ensuring confidential information is kept safe at all times. We take care of the monthly maintenance including updating of information as it becomes available ensuring your employees are up to date with all relevant information.


Our monthly newsletter consists of fun and exciting new articles that will inspire, educate & empower your employees.  The content will be inline with the Annual South African Health Calendar as well as seasonal & trending information.  The newsletters are fully customisable and can include relevant information that is specific to your company or industry needs.  Newsletters can be distributed digitally or can be printed material.

Notice Boards

Notice Boards are probably your most common platform used when communicating with your employees. Prevent employees from ignoring your notice boards by creating colourful and eye-catching memos, infographics, process flow charts, posters etc. ensuring vital information is received by your employees in a fun and inviting way.


The health outcomes of wellness programs are many, including smoking cessation, weight loss and obesity prevention, diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol management, and personal health and safety practices like seat belt use, sleep hygiene, and stress management.

Business outcomes include lower absenteeism, higher job satisfaction and work productivity, higher employee retention, and lower health care costs.

We have various solutions available that will cater to your specific need.

Monthly Campaign

Each month you will receive 4 x Wellness Posters in A1 size for each week of the month. The poster content will be inline with the South African Annual Health Calendar. The posters can be created anew according to your corporate identity or it can simply be branded with your company logo.

Awareness Packs

Each month we put together a small gift & quick reference guide to create awareness on a specific disease or illness.  The focus will be in line with the South African Annual Health Calendar or seasonal illnesses & ailments.

Wellness Day

We organise customised corporate wellness days to suit the individuality of each client. They range from a simple but valuable screening to a complete health expo – bringing together a collection of informative and exciting exhibits; expert speakers and lively workshops.

Wellness Awareness Sessions

Our training & development courses are broken down into simpler and less detailed sessions that is perfect to create awareness around a specific illness and/or initiative.  Please refer to our Training and Development section for more information on the awareness sessions available.


Communication to employees about strategy, targets, and initiatives is vital if employees are to contribute to the strategy. This information should be communicated every quarter to ensure that everyone is working towards a common goal. Strategy Packs will include your strategy communications, product samples and/or branded items.

Why product samples and/or branded items you might ask? People love the idea of getting something for free. Research has shown that getting something for free releases dopamine. According to Paul King, a computational Neuroscientist, Dopamine used to be known as the ”feel good” chemical, but is now being classified as the ”motivation” chemical. Motivation is the desire to achieve a goal. Communicating content to your employees while feeling motivated could have powerful results.


Our material used in our training & development courses are supplied by Ed-Unique.  Ed-unique have over 13 years experience specialising in Peer Education & Lifeskills training for employees.  Ed-Unique have achieved their Accreditation with the HWSETA in 2015 and currently offer 3 unit standards to qualify HIV/AIDS Coordinators and EAP employees (NQF 4 Level).

Our highly skilled facilitators can offer training in six different languages to cater for your every need. Some of the courses are available as a full day course, a half day course or as an awareness session depending on your specific need. Please contact us and we will gladly assist you in choosing the right training for you.

Lifeskills Training

  • Abusive Relationships
  • Basic Budgeting
  • Basic Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Dealing with people in crises
  • Lifestyle Diseases
  • Leading people successfully in a team
  • Mental Health
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Responsible Parenting
  • Substance Abuse
  • Sexual Harassment at work
  • Stress Management
  • Stress & Depression
  • Work Related Stress
  • Time Management
  • Work/Life Balance

HIV & Peer Education

  • Basic Counselling Skills
  • Lay Counsellors
  • TB Treatment & Management and the link with HIV/AIDS
  • Implementing an HIV program
  • Basic Peer Education
  • Lifestyle Diseases for Peer Educators


If you’ve ever started a new job, only to find the company totally unprepared for your arrival, you know how important onboarding is to the employee-employer relationship!

But proper onboarding isn’t just about first impressions. Taking the time to plan out how new hires will be introduced into your company will affect their future performance, their ability to achieve stated goals and their overall satisfaction with their new positions.

Ensure that you are ready and prepared for the new employee.

Induction Packs

Induction packs are a perfect way to welcome your new employee. Induction packs can be accompanied with branded items such as a mug, pen, shirt, lanyard etc.  Induction packs include documents such as:

  • Welcome letter
  • Contract of Employment
  • Code of Conduct
  • Organogram
  • Contacts List
  • Business Cards

Induction Training

Induction training consists of an introduction to the company’s history, its beliefs and cherished values, long term goals, and management structure. The new employee is given specific information such as the firm’s products and markets in which it competes, the behaviour patterns it views as desirable or undesirable, the company’s policies & procedures are also made known during Induction training.

We design customised training that will represent your company culture and will include fun and engaging activities that deliver all the support necessary to the new employee to thrive within their new position.


We collaborate as an extension of your team to help create, plan and produce employee events that pique curiosity and influence behaviour. Whether your event is big or small, we bring you the ideas, resources and know-how to deliver remarkable employee experiences. Our events include:

  • Teambuilding events
  • Rewards ceremonies
  • Roadshows
  • Year-end functions
  • Conferences
  • Product launches
  • Wellness Days


Today everyone has access to a cellphone.  We offer your employees ease of access to a portal on their cellphones where they will be able to vote for their colleagues.  We offer an ussd portal that will allow access to your employees to easily vote for their colleagues that work in a similar way as loading airtime. Each month we will require an updated headcount report that can be pulled from your HRIS with ease.  Voting will bear no cost to your employees as the costs will be directly billed to the company. We compile monthly reports indicating activities for the month including the employee/s of the month.  We offer assistance in defining award eligibility, frequency and process.


The Harvard Business Review points out that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. There is a wide disparity among what a wrong hire can cost a company because there are so many variables. For example, the Labor Department estimates it can cost on average one-third of a new hire’s annual salary to replace him or her and that those costs increase the higher up in the organisation the turnover occurs.

The key to a successful hiring process is to provide a clear definition of responsibilities for the job as well as the personality characteristics required for communication and success. It’s also important to determine in advance, which employees will be involved in interviews, how information is collected and interpreted about the interviews, and ultimately who has the authority to make the hire.

Job Descriptions

Having a clear job description allows you to understand the responsibilities and duties that are required and expected of the new recruit.  We assist in setting up job descriptions for all your positions within the company.

Interview Guides

Interview guides allow you to ask a line of questions that directly relate to the position that needs to be filled and the duties and responsibilities that go with it.  Our guides provide carefully chosen question that will give you a better understanding of whether or not the candidate will be able to successfully fulfil his/her duties and whether it will be a good culture fit for both the candidate and the company.

Interview Preperation

We all tend to get a little anxious before an interview.  The best thing that you can do is to be properly prepared.  We wanted to create a platform where you can “Practice” before the actual interview. We offer Skype interviews relevant to the position you are applying for with feedback to best prepare you for your interview.


Clear and concise HR policies are important so that employees are able to understand the rules and regulations within the organisation. Failing to implement policies leaves an organisation open to legal challenges, grievances and lawsuits from the employees, especially if the company inconsistently applies the HR policies to various employees. We assist you in getting all the necessary policies & procedures in place.


We provide assistance in getting you set up and to manage CSR to involve your staff as volunteers at your CSR events.  This is another opportunity not just to give back to the community but to create a sense of purpose for your employees.

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